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Our charades-based team versus game provides challenging and thoughtful action cards you perform while your own teammates balance special balancing cards on you while you try not to let them fall!

Have more cards balanced before they fall and act better than your opponent to gain points! Where will your imagination take you?

A Balancing Act

Co-Creator Ryan Myer says:

"The Ultimate Party Game! A Balancing Act is a brand-new card game that involves balancing and acting for a night of fun and laughter. A perfect icebreaker that lets you be wacky and silly while connecting with others. Balance until you burst with laughter!"

  • Rude Cat Card

    Rude Cat Card

    This card has the player act like a cat hissing and rudely meowing at people.

  • Detective Card

    Detective Card

    This card has the player act as a detective trying to solve a made-up mystery of any kind!

  • Crab Walk Chaos Card

    Crab Walk Chaos Card

    This card has the player get into a crab walk position and try and bump the other player to knock their balancing card off!